Love is Like a Glass of Water

Would you drink a glass of dirty water?

Probably not.

Neither would I. If you had a glass of dirty water, you would need to dump it out. Clean water can’t be put in  until the dirty water is emptied and the container washed.

Now-compare this with conditional and unconditional love.

You can’t have both at the same time. You must rid yourself of requirements and expectations put on others and choose to love them just the way they are. This sounds like a difficult task but the Lord says it can be done. Let Jesus’ love for others guide your relationships.

Like drinking a glass of pure clean water, loving others unconditionally can be very refreshing!!


Welcome to my blog!


Today I’m starting my blog and it’s all about my best friend, Jesus. It’s also about another friend of mine and his name is Noel. He’s the one who helped me understand what Jesus is really like. He disciples lots of people on the amazing attributes of Jesus-calling them “treasures.”

Noel states the greatest of all treasures is love. Let’s get this straight from the beginning, I’m not suggesting an everyday, ordinary love. I mean the real, down to earth genuine kind–radical and unconditional. Have you ever been afraid if you displease people, they will no longer be your friend or care about you? People pleasing comes in all forms and degrees. I’m a master at doing that but now I know it’s not about others bringing me personal value. It’s about the love Jesus freely gives me that means everything.

Noel explains it this way. He and his wife had six children. When they were infants, each one brought him exceedingly great contentment and joyl. He would come home from work at night and take the child in his arms looking into his or her little face and listen to sweet chatter. The babies did little to earn his love. Noel’s heart may have breaking, but it would not have disturbed the child’s sleep. If he were in pain, it would not have stopped the child’s play. None of his children brought him a penny but were a great expense; yet no amount of money could have been enough to purchase any of his children from him. He loved them with no conditions attached.

That’s how Jesus loves each of us.

Complete       Total     Radical  


I’ll see you later,